Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Leadership: Weekly Series

Perfectionism – Owning Your Mistakes

Emotional intelligence has become a diluted phrase that feels unactionable.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are intently focused on helping leaders and teams unlock the hidden power of emotional intelligence through the day-to-day management of mindset and habits.

In this series, we’ll use specific EI techniques to show leaders how they can transform employee engagement, enhance satisfaction, improve confidence, and foster a healthy work-life integration throughout the team.


The Situation

The unthinkable has happened. You’ve made a mistake. It’s one that could be costly for the organization. We never want to appear incompetent, and you are reeling as you consider the impact.

As leaders, we’ve all been confronted with this situation (perhaps you are in it as you read this).

For the EI leader, in the midst of this challenge lies an opportunity.


The Solution

Instead of reflexively jumping from stimulus (mistake) to event (regret, self-flagellation), let’s empower ourselves with The UCR AdvantageTM.

We leverage The UCR AdvantageTM, a 3 – Step Process that is incredibly useful to leaders in applying the power of EI to improve outcomes and results.

Explore Emotional Intelligence Solutions if: Your team is struggling to achieve outcomes. Your turnover is costing too much. Your team seems disengaged. It's time for a cultural boost.


Applying the Strategy

Here’s The UCR AdvantageTM applied to this situation.

Step 1 – Understanding (Deepening Awareness)

You made a mistake.

Self-Awareness: You feel terrible.

You feel it was a stupid mistake. You are worried about the financial impact. There goes the  promotion you were hoping for. You keep thinking, if only you would have slowed down and reviewed it again, this never would have happened. Everyone must think you are an idiot.

Others Awareness: Your manager seemed to understand. They said it happens to the best of us.

They seemed genuine and moved right to the solution for fixing the mistake and minimizing any damage. Yet, you are concerned he’s just putting on a good front.

Goal / Outcome: Move forward in a positive and productive way without causing credibility damage.

Key: Acknowledge your feelings. Recognize your thoughts. Tune into others involved / impacted.


Step 2 – Communication

Share your regret about the mistake you make.

Take full ownership. Confidently discuss the plan for resolving the challenge.

Seek any feedback that could support moving forward.

Manage your internal communication. Try not to ruminate on the problem or mistake.

Key: Manage your communication (internal and external).


Step 3 – Response (Actions)

Align your actions with your words.

Follow through with changes to correct the problem.

Leverage EI Habit #6 – Nimble nature which encourages capitalizing on the opportunity inherent in any threat.

Consider EI Habit #5 – Genuinely open embodies transparency to foster safe, open, authentic, and constructive dialog.

The research is clear. Emotional intelligence can transform your personal and professional life and your team’s performance.

Let’s stop pretending it is a “nice to have” and get to work empowering ourselves and our teams with high EI strategies!

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