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The Mentoring & Coaching Academy

Why Organizational Decision-Makers Rely on the Mentoring and Coaching Academy™ to Help them Create Modern, Master Leaders

MCA is an unrivaled, certified and immersive mentor-coaching transformational academy experience. MCA elevates leadership mentees to a certified “peak” of excellence via module-based, integrative learning; conditioning them to reflexively practice elite leadership abilities.

Transformational Mentoring and Coaching

The skills required for personal, team and organizational change cannot be achieved with basic on-the-job training. Leaders are often prompted based on their technical skill and proficiency, without formal leadership training. MCA programs go beyond “training” to prepare leaders for the emotionally intelligent, trust-based leadership critical for meeting today’s challenges and tomorrow’s innovation.

You cannot be expected to do it alone.

That’s where we come in. Ready to start this transformational process?

coaching and virtual mentoring

The Academy Elite Leadership Solution Suite

The Leadership Essentials Activator are mentoring modules that engage participants by introducing the leadership essentials principles using an educational / mentoring approach. Concepts are reinforced as participants complete the coaching corner exercises following each lesson. Participants work through the modules at their own pace and convenience.

The Leadership Essentials Accelerator program engages participants in the leadership concepts presented in the online module while creating rich learning environments for sharing and application discussions. Participants attend bi-weekly group coaching sessions

The EI Edge - For Leaders

The EI Edge – Leadership Certification is our certification program immerses leaders in the foundational elements of leading with emotional intelligence. While task and project management is essential, advanced leadership begins with the foundation of self and emotional mastery.