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Managing Up: Mastering Shihan Guidance

Elevating Leadership Through Strategic Influence In the realm of martial arts, the title “Shihan” is bestowed upon masters or senior instructors who possess a profound depth of knowledge and an
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The Leader’s Role in Frustration and Burnout

Ineffective leadership is a significant yet often overlooked root of employee burnout and high turnover rates. No one wants to acknowledge that their leadership team is not performing up to standard. The typical response asks, “What can we do to get employees to improve.”
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Freedom to Move: How the FTC Ban on Non-Competes Changes Everything

The Workplace Landscape Continues to Change… Rapidly In a monumental shift, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a ruling that outlaws non-compete clauses across the board. This decision, a
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Embracing Change: Revolutionizing Leadership for the Digital Age

In today's rapidly changing world, the stark reality is that traditional leadership models are crumbling under the weight of new challenges. The evidence is everywhere: a staggering 79% of employees report feeling disengaged or undervalued by their leaders, and a whopping 58% would trust a stranger over their own boss. These aren't just numbers; they're a blaring siren that leadership, as we know it, is fundamentally broken.
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How to Reduce Turnover for New Hires? Focus on the First Six Months

Recent statistics have revealed a startling trend: A significant number of employees decide to leave their positions within the first six months of hire. This early departure not only disrupts the team's cohesion but also incurs substantial costs for the organization in terms of recruitment and lost productivity. It's frustrating for everyone involved when you invest time and energy into hiring and training only to have the new hire leave in the first six months.
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Essential Leadership Training for Managers: LEADJITSU’s Innovative Approach

The chasm between knowledge and action in leadership development is a treacherous gap that threatens organizational health and performance. While leaders recognize the importance of development, few excel in actualizing the potential within their ranks.
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