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Carla Rotering and Rhonda Williams Anguilla

Jun 14, 2024

Women's Retreat Anguilla, British West Indies

Everything Under the Sun for Women Who Do Too Much is a destination retreat for women ready to embrace the fullness of who they are and how they show up in the world.

July 2024

LEADJITSU International Training and Workshops Nairobi, Kenya

We’ll be in Nairobi, July 2024, for an unparalleled leadership workshops with The Modern Leadership Sensei, Rhonda Y. Williams.

Dive into LEADJITSU, a groundbreaking program designed to elevate your leadership skills, clarify your vision, reignite your passion, and strategically align your team for success.

Discover the transformative power of emotional intelligence and consistent execution in achieving organizational excellence. 

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Rhonda Y. Williams - Nairobi Kenya

August 23, 2024

LEADJITSU Dream to Lead The Art of Thriving Leadership

Step into Your Leadership Potential at the Dream to Lead Conference

Embark on a transformative journey at the Dream to Lead conference, a premier event where visionary thinking meets actionable strategy in the vibrant realm of leadership development. Set against the backdrop of inspiring keynote speeches and dynamic discussions, this conference is not just a gathering—it’s a launchpad for your leadership transformation.

Throughout the day, engage in a series of meticulously designed sessions tailored to expand your understanding of effective leadership and equip you with practical tools to excel. Each segment of our program is structured to build on the last, creating a cohesive and powerful learning experience that will resonate with new managers and seasoned executives alike.

August 23, 2024, at Hotel Indigo in Frisco, Texas

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5 C's to Stress-Free Leading and Living

Stress is everywhere in our lives today. In the workplace, more than 70% of leaders say their primary source of stress is work. What if there was a better way?

In this interactive presentation, participants learn strategies to create healthy boundaries to reduce negative and toxic stress while improving effectiveness and accelerating results.

Surviving to Thriving Using Emotional Mastery

Even the most complex challenges seem small when leaders practice emotional mastery.

In this interactive session, participants will practice emotional intelligence strategies as a way to navigate and overcome day-to-day fears and struggles that present in both personal and professional environments. The technique will provide a foundation that can be applied at any time to any scenario and leads to healthier, more consistent & productive outcomes.

leadership focused coaching sessions
On Demand Leadership Development Partner

Creating a Well-Being-Centric Culture: Thriving in Change

Today’s modern workforce has been undeniably clear about what is important in the workplace. The scary part. It’s changing rapidly. Leaders and companies positioned for the future will possess a combined skill set of emotional intelligence, deep listening, and operational nimbleness.

While it is not easy, it is achievable. In this interactive lecture/workshop/keynote, we take the audience on an imaginary and creative journey where the future is not predefined but instead co-created by board members, leaders, and employees. Let’s imagine the future.

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