18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Habit #9 -Intrepid, Not Tepid :

Don’t “dawdle” seeking certainty; reasonable due diligence should conclude with bold action.

18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders - Habit #9 - Intrepid Not Tepid

Over 18 weeks, we are excited to introduce 18 habits that separate emotionally intelligent leaders from the rest. These habits fill the gap between mediocre, good, and great leaders.


We are facing an unprecedented rate of change and constant swirling uncertainty. Based on this, many of us have our natural threat system triggered frequently.

We fight – pushing back, defending our turf, and resisting change.

We flight – turning away from the challenge, hoping it will go away, and choosing not to act.

We freeze – operating in a state of analysis paralysis, seeking certainty, and staying safe.

When our internal threat system is activated, it is difficult to take the action needed to move the team forward decisively. As they say, it is difficult to see the picture if you are in the frame.

When we require all of the details to move forward, we risk:

⬆ Inefficiency: In complex and dynamic environments, it is practically impossible to have access to all relevant details. Relying on exhaustive information can lead to a tremendous amount of inefficiency.

⬇ Opportunity Cost: The time and effort spent on gathering exhaustive details may come at the cost of exploring alternative strategies or exploring new opportunities that involve innovation or growth.

⬆ Resistance to Change: Those who need all the details may be hesitant to embrace change or take calculated risks. This can slow the organization’s ability to adapt to evolving market conditions or new challenges.

↕ Overlooking Intuition and Creativity: We all value logic. Yet, decisions based solely on data and detailed information may overlook the importance of intuition and creativity in leadership. Sometimes, innovative solutions require thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks.

🔄 Information Overload: Trying to gather and process every piece of information can lead to information overload. The sheer volume of data can make it difficult to discern the most critical factors from the less relevant ones.

Habit #9 is about stretching and strengthening your leadership team’s EI muscles to help them engage in reasonable due diligence that concludes with bold action. The result is a leader and an organization capable of pivoting quickly to navigate turbulent times.


Our 18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders will:

  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness
  • Elevate your team’s happiness and commitment
  • Reduce your leadership stress
  • Improve your work/life integration

What’s standing in your way of achieving operational excellence? How can you use the 18 Habits to support your goals?


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