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“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn."

- Peter Drucker

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 6-Part Workshop


Research indicates emotional intelligence is one of the most consistent predictors of success. Yet, it can seem ambiguous and overly complicated. More importantly, it can be difficult to generate actionable solutions. We believe such a critical set of skills should not be so difficult.

During this workshop, you’ll receive 5 hours of training that will help you:

  • Understand why Emotional Intelligence (EI) matters
  • Reflect on the difference between emotions and feelings
  • Make the connection between EI and verbal communication
  • Understand the role of nonverbal communication in EI
  • Learn how EI supports positive, healthy decision-making
  • Get clarity on how EI supports relationships
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Develop coping skills
  • Learn how why EI is critical for workplace success
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“Have you ever had a burning 🔥🔥 desire inside of you that you wanted to do more and you just didn’t know where to start. I felt the same way until I took the EQ Master Class. I was able to unlock 🔐🔐 something inside of me and have an amazing breakthrough. 💯💯 This gave me just the push I needed to move forward in my life and go after my dreams. 🌟 I am so proud and excited to share how this master class helped me.”

- D. Confer, Class Participant

Promoted: 6 Essential Steps Women of Color Can Take to Achieve Next Level & Executive-Level Positions


Leadership Coaching

Your Next-Level Starts Now

The journey to executive-level roles for minority women of color can be complex, scary, confusing, and frustrating. The rules are less than clear and just when you believe you have a full understanding, without notice, they can shift.

In this value-packed webinar replay course, you will:

  • Cut through the noise to connect with the deeper “why” and become crystal clear on your commitment to achieving executive-level roles.
  • Intimately understand the difference between formal and informal qualifications that open the doors to executive roles, especially as they relate to minority women of color.
  • Understand the behavioral characteristics that support the transition into executive, c-suite, and board-level positions.
  • Understand and acknowledge the undeniable role relationship capital plays for minority women of color to successfully ascend the corporate ladder.
  • Learn to leverage the execution capital that builds during the execution phase.
  • Use the BONUS companion workbook to create a roadmap specific to your next level advancement.

Complimentary Leadership Training


RISE Beyond the Hustle and THRIVE Above the Grind

Energy, time, and attention are at a premium for us all. The single most powerful winning habit is to practice skills that have a “direct effect” to achieve the most with the least effort and fewest steps. If you understand just how powerful this truth is, how especially vital this skill is to your success as a leader – I strongly encourage you to sign up for this training.

In this leadership training program, you’ll learn:

  • Your One Key Skill: Uncover one key skill every leader needs to reduce overwhelm and regain emotional freedom. Discover the key to increasing
    high-impact effectiveness while reducing stress and improving overall well-being.
  • Four Hidden Factors: Understanding one key skill is an essential place to begin. Yet, just as important is understanding the sub-skill drivers that prevent you from feeling total alignment with your values and goals. We will introduce 4.
  • Three Specific Actions to Take to Reverse Course: There are 3 specific steps you must take to stop the destructive cycle. Reverse course and begin to create a leadership life that provides greater success and fulfillment than you previously imagined possible.

Learn the one skill and how to begin leveraging it for maximum results!

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