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Rhonda Y. Williams is in high demand, and rightly so. Her remarkable victory story and path from career and personal “devastation-to-emancipation,” marked by her unrivaled commitment to creating transformational leaders offer a powerfully authentic and inspiring model of pertinacity and endurance, a blueprint for constructing self-trust – a process of creating and growing self-mastery for the modern professional.

Rhonda is increasingly recognized by C-suite executives and organizations that comprise a broad and diverse client roster whose initiates consistently rank her as one of today’s marquee “transformative leadership-learning-leaders,” professional advancement optimization coaches.

Rhonda was rapidly ascending on her professional trajectory when she had the wind knocked out of her – emotionally wounded both personally and professionally. As she continued her career ascension momentum, her soul and psychology were profoundly wounded as she was first unceremoniously fired from her full-time job (and source of financial security for her and her three young sons) and then had to endure a soul-crushing divorce that ended her 25-year marriage.

Today, Rhonda is recognized by both leadership development traditionalists and disruptors as an icon of a new era in evolved leadership and executive prowess. Her empathy, uniquely authentic voice, and optimistic yet pragmatic transformational media are potent, genuinely effective, and easily accessed through a spectrum of in-person, streaming, and digital media. Rhonda is singular in her rigorous, results-focused teaching, guiding, and mentoring; motivating and empowering modern servant leaders in their quest for personal and professional mastery. Rhonda’s methodologies inculcate elite, psychologically reflexive habits and practices, reinforced and enriched with meticulous evaluation and follow-up.

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Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN
CEO and Chief Vision Officer
Above the Grind Leadership
fostering dynamic leaders

Rhonda has invested over a decade in researching, engineering, and honing her singular curricula, next-level philosophies, tools, and solutions to aid leaders plagued by the “GRIND,” i.e., the tortuous “mean-average consciousness” of self-invented overwhelm and learned helplessness.

Rhonda is a published author, trainer, speaker, and executive mentor. She has exhaustively researched, formulated, and codified an evolution-based leadership advancement curriculum. Coaching and guiding towards razor-sharp clarity, Rhonda’s clients gain a new understanding of executive behavioral constructs, self-trust, and foundational leadership “lean-in” disposition. Above the GRIND Leadership Mentoring and Coaching Academy consists of action-based philosophy formalized into a repeatable, highly structured system. Rhonda successfully coaches her clients to a place of greater self-comprehension and career-based identity enhancement. Rhonda’s results-intensive approach and empathy set her apart for “common coaches” and get her clients dramatic, lasting positive outcomes. Her highly relevant, practical, intuitively designed programs are fulfillment-focused and leverage a self-management model that methodically ingrains self-nurturing “purity-of-intention” practices.

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Rhonda hasn’t slowed down and continues to live a life of ceaseless innovation, creative productivity, and deeply gratifying relationships – balanced with setting and reaching ever-higher objectives while savoring her contribution goals. Rhonda is joyous; demonstrably grateful for the opportunity to transmute her successes, experiences, and challenges into lessons that are invaluable to leaders committed to attaining excellence.

As the CEO and founder of Leadership Above the GRIND™, Rhonda leverages her experiences as a Chief Nursing Officer and Hospital CEO to help others “create life and leadership expansion” as they evolve toward actualizing their own success trajectory – manifesting their full potentiality. Rhonda’s driving obsession remains to redefine – through employing the latest understanding of brain-plasticity and reiterative technologies – the ideal practice of evergreen leadership excellence. She demonstrates the strategies and repeatable processes for gaining mastery over distress (the harmful and destructive form of emotional stress), designed work-life flow, and intentional well-being. Rhonda’s no-nonsense self-mastery principles enable leaders to ascend beyond the hustle and thrive above the grind.

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