How to Improve Organizational Culture with LAD

In the bustling world of organizational development, the pursuit of continuous improvement is the drumbeat to which every forward-thinking company marches. But how do organizations transform this abstract concept into concrete reality? Enter the LADTM framework – our proprietary transformative approach to organizational growth. LADTM, which stands for Learn Something, Assess Something, Do Something, is a cyclical strategy poised to be a game-changer for companies that are serious about making incremental progress.

Learning as a Foundation

In the LADTM framework, everything starts with learning. Organizations must foster a culture of curiosity and knowledge-seeking that encourages employees at all levels to continuously expand their expertise. But it’s not just about learning for the sake of learning. The key is to focus on acquiring knowledge that is directly applicable to improving one’s work.

This step is crucial for organizations because it establishes a solid foundation of knowledge upon which to build. Whether it’s a new market trend, a cutting-edge technology, or an innovative management technique, the learning phase helps organizations stay ahead of the curve and avoid becoming obsolete.

Assessment as a Bridge

Knowledge without reflection is like a ship without a rudder; it can move but lacks direction. Assessment acts as this critical bridge in the LADTM framework. Organizations need to take stock, to critically examine their processes, strategies, and results. This introspective step is designed to identify gaps between current practices and desired outcomes.

The beauty of the assessment phase is that it celebrates the concept of incremental progress. Instead of looking for giant leaps that are often risky and unrealistic, LADTM encourages organizations to find small, manageable improvements that can be made on a regular basis.

Doing as a Commitment to Action

The final piece of the LADTM puzzle is doing – the conversion of knowledge and assessment into tangible action. This phase is where ideas are tested, risks are taken, and progress is made. By implementing small, incremental changes, organizations can make continuous improvements without the disruption that can come with large-scale transformations.

It’s in the ‘Do’ phase that the incremental approach really shines. Small changes are easier to manage, less daunting for employees, and can be implemented quickly. They allow for real-time feedback and adjustments, ensuring the organization is always moving in the right direction.

Quotes by Rhonda Y. Williams - “Building for tomorrow with yesterday’s tools is not a winning strategy. Organizational development is the true silent hero of high-performing teams.” --Rhonda Y. Williams, CEO Above the Grind Leadership -

Why LADTM Works for Incremental Progress

The incremental approach embedded in the LADTM framework is a game-changer for several reasons:


Partners Perfectly with IGPs

Big changes can lead to big failures. The LADTM framework mitigates this risk by encouraging Integrative Growth ProcessesTM (IGPs), ongoing progress that accumulates and evolves over time, leading to significant improvements without the risk of major setbacks.

It Builds Momentum

Small wins pave the way for bigger ones. By focusing on incremental improvements, organizations build a momentum of success that keeps teams motivated and engaged.

It Encourages Adaptability

In a world where change is the only constant, the ability to adapt is paramount. The LADTM framework’s emphasis on continuous learning and assessment ensures that adaptability is woven into the fabric of an organization’s culture.

It Fosters a Culture of Continuous Improvement

When learning, assessing, and doing become the norm, they foster an environment where continuous improvement is part of the organizational DNA.

It’s Approachable

Finally, the simplicity of the LADTM framework makes it an accessible tool for all types of organizations, regardless of size, industry, or resources. 

For organizations yearning for steady, sustained progress, LADTM offers a blueprint for success. By embedding the practices of learning, assessing, and doing into their culture, companies can not only adapt to the changing tides of business but can also chart a course for others to follow. In the journey towards excellence, the LADTM framework is more than just a methodology; it’s a philosophy that can elevate an organization to new heights, one step at a time.


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