Amplifying Workplace Respect Can Transform Your Team

LEADJITSUTM leaders are not “winging it.”

They operate from a robust set of principles called The LEADJITSU Leader’s Code

This week we introduce you to Dojo Respect.

In martial arts, the dojo is a sacred space of practice and skill building where respect is not just encouraged but ingrained in every aspect of training. This respect extends beyond the physical space, encompassing reverence for others, oneself, and the art. As leaders, adopting this reverent style of ‘Dojo Respect’ creates a powerful connection felt by teams and organizations alike.

Insight: We want and deserve the ultimate level of workplace respect. Not because we have passed a bar or metric or done what was expected. But simply because, as human beings, we deserve it.

Why ‘Dojo Respect’ Matters in Leadership

Fosters a Culture of Mutual Respect: Just as martial artists bow to each other and their dojo, leaders who practice ‘Dojo Respect’ create an environment where every team member feels valued and respected. It is simply unacceptable to treat anyone with disrespect, nor is it tolerated by others.

Promotes Discipline and Focus: Martial arts require discipline and focus, qualities that are equally important in leadership. By embodying ‘Dojo Respect,’ leaders can instill these values in their teams, leading to higher productivity and better results. Undisciplined leadership is unfocused, lazy leadership and unacceptable for a LEADJITSU leader.

Encourages Continuous Learning: In a dojo, learning never stops. Leaders who embrace this aspect of ‘Dojo Respect’ foster a culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning, driving innovation and growth.

Builds Stronger Relationships: Respect is the foundation of solid relationships. Leaders who genuinely respect their team members’ ideas, time, and efforts build stronger, more cohesive teams.

Enhances Self-Respect: ‘Dojo Respect’ also involves respecting oneself. Leaders who practice self-respect set a positive example and are better equipped to handle challenges and stress. When we embody self-respect, we are more apt to respect others deeply.

Leadjitsu Leaders Code: Dojo Respect

Implementing ‘Dojo Respect’ in Your Leadership


Listen Actively: Show respect by listening to understand, not just to respond. We can challenge ourselves to speak less and listen more.

Acknowledge Contributions: Regularly recognize and sincerely appreciate the efforts of our team and colleagues beyond the cursory ‘thank you.’

Encourage Open Communication: Create a safe space for team members to express their ideas and concerns. When ideas different from our own, we can demonstrate open communication by elevating our level of curiosity and inquiry.

Lead by Example: Demonstrate the values and behaviors you expect from others. The team models what we do, not just what we say.

Invest in Personal and Professional Growth: Encourage and support continuous learning and development. When we expand ourselves beyond the boundaries of what we already know,  we invite a world of positive possibilities.

‘Dojo Respect’ is more than a concept; it’s a transformative approach to leadership. By embracing this principle, we can create more respectful, productive, and successful organizations.

People feel seen, heard, and valued… they feel like they belong.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how ‘Dojo Respect’ can be implemented in your leadership style or organization.

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