Knowing is Not Enough

The chasm between knowledge and action in leadership development is a treacherous gap that threatens organizational health and performance. While leaders recognize the importance of development, few excel in actualizing the potential within their ranks.
Statistics reflect a troubling landscape – only 28% of executives believe their organizations are excellent at nurturing leadership skills, and a staggering 83% find a scarcity of candidates with the right soft skills.
Moreover, disengagement is rampant, with 85% of employees feeling detached from their work, leading to a loss of up to $500 billion annually for companies due to low employee engagement. These figures are not mere numbers; they represent a clear and present danger, signaling an execution chasm where knowing fails to translate into doing.
LEADJITSU Quotes by Rhonda Y. Williams: "the chasm between aspiration and accomplishment is bridged not by chance, but by choice. LEADJITSU embodies the journey from awareness to action, fostering the ascension to superb leadership." --Rhonda Y. Williams

The Solution


LEADJITSU: The System emerges as a pivotal solution to this quandary, focusing on four core areas: Awareness, Development, Alignment, and Accountability. It transcends conventional training, instilling in leaders not just knowledge, but the discipline of application.

LEADJITSU melds the strategic insight of martial arts with leadership development, ensuring that leaders are not just trained but transformed.

  1. Awareness: LEADJITSU fosters a deep-seated self-awareness in leaders, critical for recognizing personal and team dynamics.

  2. Development: The system nurtures growth with actionable steps, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical leadership skills.

  3. Alignment: LEADJITSU ensures leaders’ goals are synchronized with organizational vision, creating a unified direction.

  4. Accountability: It engrains a culture of accountability, where leaders own their actions and outcomes, pivotal for sustained organizational growth.

In conclusion, the dire need for improved leadership development is evident. LEADJITSU offers not just a bridge over the execution chasm but a solid foundation from which leaders can leap toward effectiveness, engagement, and excellence.

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