18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Habit #12 -Humility:

Believe leadership is “service operationalized” through consistent, honorable action.

18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders - Habit #12 - HUMILITY

Over 18 weeks, we are excited to introduce 18 habits that separate emotionally intelligent leaders from the rest. These habits fill the gap between mediocre, good, and great leaders.

Habit #12 – HUMILITY

Reflect on a recent disagreement and ask yourself this question. Did I prioritize being right over understanding the other person’s perspective? 👀

Merriam-Webster defines humility as freedom from pride or arrogance, the quality or state of being humble.

🚀 Let’s talk about this game-changer in the realm of emotional intelligence – HUMILITY. 🙏

In a world that often celebrates self-promotion, competition, and self-aggrandizing, embracing humility can truly set you apart as a high-impact, indispensable leader.

🌠 Here’s why it matters:

🔹 Openness to Learning: Humble leaders are open to feedback and new ideas, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 💡 Admitting that there’s always room for improvement is a sign of true strength.

🔹 Effective Collaboration: Humility paves the way for seamless teamwork. When you’re not busy seeking the spotlight, you’re more likely to value diverse perspectives and collaborate effectively. 🤝

🔹 Conflict Resolution: Humble leaders approach conflicts with empathy and a willingness to understand others’ viewpoints. This skill turns potential clashes into opportunities for growth. 💬

🔹 Leadership Magnetism: A humble leader earns respect effortlessly. By acknowledging their own limitations, they encourage others to shine and create an environment of trust. 👑

🔹 Adaptability: Humility and emotional agility go hand in hand. Adaptable leaders readily embrace change, knowing that their worth isn’t solely tied to a specific role or outcome. 🌱

So, how can you tap into humility’s superpower? 🦸‍♂️
Start with…

– Active Listening: Truly hear what others are saying without rushing to respond.
– Owning Mistakes: When slip-ups happen, acknowledge them and learn from them.
– Appreciating Others: Celebrate the achievements of your colleagues genuinely.
– Practicing Empathy: Put yourself in others’ shoes before passing judgment.
– Embracing Service: Approach situations with a heart of service.

Remember, humility isn’t about playing small; it’s about stepping into your full potential while recognizing the value in every individual’s journey. 🥇


Our 18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders will:

* Enhance your leadership effectiveness
* Elevate your team’s happiness and commitment
* Reduce your leadership stress
* Improve your work/life integration

What’s standing in your way of achieving operational excellence? How can you use the 18 Habits to support your goals?


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