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Rhonda Y. Williams

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Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN

As the Chief Vision Officer, CEO and founder of Leadership Above the GRIND, I am personally committed to supporting leaders and organizations around the globe. Our mission is to redefine – through employing the latest understanding of brain-plasticity and reiterative technologies – the ideal practice of leadership excellence as one which includes mastery over distress (the negative and destructive form of emotional stress), designed work-life flow and intentional well-being. Doing so empowers leaders to ascend above the noise and overwhelm to thrive “Above the Grind.” – Rhonda Y. Williams

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My Portfolio

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Above the Grind Leadership

A Boutique Leadership Development, Training, and Coaching Organization

At Leadership Above the Grind, training, coaching, and self-paced virtual learning modules are core elements of leadership and transformation. We’re here to help you explore opportunities to rise above the grind through our suite of modern, accessible coaching solutions.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” – Tom Landry

Books by Rhonda Y. Williams

Are You Out of Your _ _ _ _ Mind?

Are You Out of Your _ _ _ _ Mind?

A Woman's Guide to Successfully Surviving Infidelity

Brief Description

Being on the other side of infidelity sucks! But, only you can decide if you will let it define you or damage you.

The UCR Advantage

The UCR Advantage: A Simple Way to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, Fast!

Brief Description

If you are struggling with repeated conflict or obstacles in your life, there may be forces at play that you are unaware of. Emotional intelligence (EI) has zero to do with your intellectual intelligence (IQ) and has everything to do with how you are able to use emotions to make decisions that improve your life. Is it working for you?

The Dream Life Roadmap

The Dream Life Roadmap: 10 Essential Factors for Living Your Dream Life

Brief Description

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to win? Why some people seem to have all the luck? What makes them different? Simply this… they take the keys while you ask where we are going. If you are a passenger on your own life journey, you are always heading to destination unknown.

5 Types of Stressed Out Leaders

5 Types of Stressed Out Leaders and How to Be Stress-Free

Brief Description

Gain the confidence to say NO when your plate is already full. Start honoring and protecting your personal time . Develop an empowered and capable team you can trust to get the job done.

Creator and Founder

Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Creator: The Emotional Intelligence Edge - For Leaders

A leadership learning curricula that immerses leaders in understanding and leveraging the principles of emotional intelligence.


Creator: The Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Leaders

Measures leader beliefs and behaviors in essential 18 competency areas.


Founder: The Leadership Mentoring and Coaching Academy

The LMCA offers leaders flexible options designed to strengthen leadership, improve team productivity and protect leaders personal mental and emotional well-being.

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Creator and Host: The Coffee with Rhonda Show

Join us for a cup of your favorite beverage as we dive into the personal and professional topics that can optimize performance or derail careers.

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Our On-Demand Programs

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Promoted: Webinar Masterclass

6 Essential Steps to Your Next Level Promotion for Women of Color

The journey to executive-level roles for minority women of color can be complex, scary, confusing, and frustrating. The rules are less than clear and just when you believe you have a full understanding, without notice, they can shift.


Emotional Intelligence 2

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

6 Part Emotional Intelligence Webinar Masterclass.

Research indicates emotional intelligence is one of the most consistent predictors of success. Yet, it can seem ambiguous and overly complicated. More importantly, it can be difficult to generate actionable solutions. We believe such a critical set of skills should not be so difficult.

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RISE Beyond the Hustle and THRIVE Above the Grind

Energy, time, and attention are at a premium for us all. The single most powerful winning habit is to practice skills that have a “direct effect” to achieve the most with the least effort and fewest steps. If you understand just how powerful this truth is, how especially vital this skill is to your success as a leader – I strongly encourage you to sign up for this training.

Media and Appearances

About Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN

Rhonda Y. Williams is a published author, international speaker, and executive coach. Her path from career and personal “devastation-to-emancipation” and matchless commitment to transformational leadership is an inspiring model of invincible optimism and resilience. Rhonda has invested years rigorously researching, testing, and honing her next-level programs and strategic solutions.

Rhonda’s compassionate, results-focused expertise provides a powerful ascension blueprint for today’s leaders and executives. Her empathy and razor-sharp clarity helps construct a path “above the grind” and offers a success-alternative to the overwhelm and self-sabotage plaguing modern leaders.

Through her proprietary Above the Grind Leadership (ATG) solutions-suite, Rhonda enables organizations to create Modern Magnetic Cultures™, broadening and deepening the understanding of executive behavioral constructs, personal-organizational-team performance and fulfillment, and practical self-mastery for modern professionals.