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The Emotional Intelligence Edge

For Leaders

What is The Emotional Intelligence Edge?

Today’s complex and dynamic environment is brought us into unknown territory.  A place where it is not enough for leaders to be “nice.” Organizations prepared for the challenging times ahead will be those who provide their leaders with high-impact training, tools, and resources to excel in uncertain times.

EI EDGE offers organizations quantifiable value by establishing objective course clarity, springboard curricula launch and rapid program momentum, immersive intensity, milestone-based metrics for tracking self and team awareness growth, and absorbing, meticulously crafted course lessons to ensure participants advance toward program completion with actionable comprehension and expanded sense of fulfillment.  

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By the Numbers

The data is revealing in the clear and present role emotional intelligence plays in the success of leaders and teams.

  • Leadership Effectiveness: Research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership found that EQ accounts for nearly 90% of what distinguishes top-performing leaders from their peers.
  • Employee Engagement: A study by TalentSmart®, a provider of emotional intelligence assessments, found that employees with high EQ are 63% more engaged in their work compared to those with low EQ.
  • Team Performance: A study published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes revealed that teams with emotionally intelligent members outperform teams with lower levels of emotional intelligence by 20%.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emotional intelligence is commonly misunderstood and needlessly overcomplicated, making it difficult to operationalize at a practical, real-world level.

Foundationally speaking, emotional intelligence is:

  • The ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions.
  • The ability to recognize, empathize and manage emotions in others.
  • The ability to use this information in a way that results in more positive outcomes.

Research shows that leaders with empathy perform over 40% higher in employee engagement, decision-making, and coaching. Catalyst surveyed more than 900 in the US and across industries. They found employees with highly empathic senior leaders report higher levels of creativity (61%) and engagement (76%) than those with less empathic senior leaders (13% and 32%, respectively).

How do your leaders measure up in emotional intelligence? What are their strengths and opportunities?

Our emotional intelligence assessment(s) are exhaustively researched and meticulously designed for leaders. It measures workplace beliefs and behaviors in eighteen different leadership competency areas.

The vast majority of leaders are surprised and grateful to find opportunities to reach higher, grow, and evolve when viewing their behaviors through an emotional intelligence lens.

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ATG Leadership - Emotional Intelligence Assessments

The vital data leaders need to advance from the limits of “thinking” to the rewards of “awareness.”


Individual leaders

This assessment measures individual beliefs and behaviors in 18 key leadership competency areas, allowing leaders to use data to gain critical insights into their strengths and weaknesses.


team summary

This is the big picture.

Identify and enhance your team’s overall strengths and opportunities. Learn to leverage emotional intelligence to improve workplace performance, culture, and cohesion.


EI 360 Assessments

While a single perspective is valuable, a diverse variety of perspective allows for more penetrating insights into how others perceive them.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to others is listening.

Focused, “egoless” listening allows us to mine actionable opportunities.

Customizable Curricula

The Emotional Intelligence Edge – For Leaders is customizable and engages leaders as they apply emotional intelligence to their day-to-day challenges.

The curriculum is both broad in its scope and granular in its attention to the needs of current and potential leader participants as they are assigned excelled learning assignments and assets via training workshops or programmatic methodologies.

EI EDGE’s overarching framework leverages core competencies and psycho-emotive modules to aid in arresting and reversing the daunting new realities of:

  • Hyper-competitive talent markets
  • Remote and hybrid workforces
  • Rapidly evolving technology
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility
  • Globalization and geopolitical factors
  • Innovation and agility

Choose Your Engagement Length

Leaders are exhausted, universally burdened with the ongoing task of piecing together valid, effective, and timely learning content for our leadership teams.

We are proud to deliver a powerful, proprietary one-year leadership development program that integrates emotional intelligence with research-proven leadership principles.

Included in the program:

Focus Groups (Optional)
Senior Leadership Sessions
Leadership Training Workshops
Leadership Individual Coaching
Leadership Group Coaching
Video-based Learning Modules

How deep do you want to go?  We can deliver enriching full or multi-day sessions that set the foundation for leaders to begin taking action immediately. Sessions cover Kolb’s four stages of learning:

  • Stage 1: Concrete Experience (CE) assimilating information.
  • Stage 2: Reflective Observation (RO) processing information.
  • Stage 3: Abstract Conceptualization (AC) assimilating information.
  • Stage 4: Active Experimentation (AE)

Half-day sessions are perfect for introducing the background and foundation of emotional intelligence. There’s also plenty of time to reflect on personal practice and introduce key strategies leaders can use to continue application after the session.

Engage your team with our Laser Excellence and Performance (LEAP™), short-virtual workshops designed to educate, energize and inspire your team to want more as they journey down the path of creating positive, productive workplaces.

  1. What are emotions?
  2. Emotions and decision-making
  3. What is emotional intelligence (EI)?
  4. IQ vs EQ
  5. Understanding your EQ assessment report
  6. EI in Action: Why does it matter?
  7. Strategies for improving EI
    1. 18 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
    2. The UCR Advantage: 3 Steps for Leveraging EI
  8. EI Practice Application: In the workplace

Our Process

As a boutique leadership development, training and coaching organization, boiler plate sessions is NOT what we do. Our approach is to create an exceptionally high-impact, evergreen, actions-based experience for your team.

Our process begins with a meeting with stakeholders to begin to understand the following:

  • Your organization.
  • Your mission/vision.
  • The number of leaders involved in the engagement.
  • Your desired outcome of the training.
  • Your preferred engagement length.
  • Past training initiatives and what worked well.

Once we understand these elements, we begin the process of designing an initial proposal. 

Together we will continue to refine the proposal until you agree that we have designed the “ideal” engagement that will drive and help achieve your and your teams’ optimal outcomes, as well as recommending an ongoing success framework.

EI Edge Participant Responses

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