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The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Intelligence to Transform Your Life As A Leader

Emotional Intelligence can be the difference between
rising and stalling.
The beauty is that you get a choice.
Rhonda Y. Williams

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What's Inside

This robust guide includes everything you need to kickstart your emotional intelligence journey, including:

  1. The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  2. Debunking the Myth of Technical Skills for Leaders
  3. Understanding and Improving Self Awareness
  4. The Importance of Empathy in Leadership
  5. Enhancing Interpersonal Communication for Stronger Relationships
  6. Enhancing Your Career Goals with Emotional Intelligence
  7. Real Examples of How Emotional Intelligence Improved Business Results, Teams, and Careers
  8. A Large Employer’s Case Study – Unleashing Emotional Intelligence for Transformative Growth
  9. Creating Modern Magnetic Cultures
Leaders with confidence and executive presence!
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Experience is not what happens to you — it's how you interpret what happens to you. —-  Aldous Huxley