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Are you ready to imagine a self-honoring, self-designed, spacious life you can call your own?

Join us for a transformative day for women ready to release the "over" syndrome and to live and lead a more heart-centered, fulfilled life!

Meet the Founders

Carla Rotering and Rhonda Y. Williams

WE ARE your hosts, collaborators and facilitators for this transformative Everything Under the Sun immersive experience.  We come to this adventure as long time heartfelt friends & colleagues drawn together by our passionate commitment to uplifting the lives and hearts of the people we serve.  We step forward from a space of emotional safety, authentic caring, accumulated wisdom, ongoing lifelong self-actualization, growth and learning.  We share an unquenchable desire to inspire differences that last – for ourselves, one another, and everyone in the circle of caring.


WE ARE leaders, authors, facilitators, speakers, coaches, mentors, parents, travelers, and adventurers.  We are first, however, women.  We are professional women who found our way through the complexity of inner and outer expectations that bound us to limiting ways of doing and being that once diverted our time, diluted our attention and dulled our spirits.  Our ongoing growth and awareness has sparked our commitment to share what we have learned along the way through a powerful gathering that mirrors new understandings and transformations we ourselves experienced.  

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That journey has strengthened us at the core and has allowed us to collect our scattered energy and re-organized our lives with self-honoring purpose. At the core of that purpose is passing along what we have learned to other women committed to lifting above the fray for the sake of something better, something more graceful, something more aligned with our true inner values and yearnings.  We take a stand for women rising with authenticity, self-regard, abundance and success within a new paradigm of self-agency.

WE KNOW that when women gather with open hearts, curious minds, authenticity and a strong intention something emerges that is wise, creative, revealing, insightful and inspiring.  Collectively we transcend anything we might experience individually. 


WE DESIGNED this transformational retreat for YOU.  You are at the heart of our work,  Our intention is to support you in having and creating a life that you truly love! We come to you with open hearts, open minds, accumulated wisdom, humor, reflection, fun, good stories and other oddities! 


We invite your open heart, wise open mind, awareness, your true willingness to see something new and whatever oddities you have on offer!

Getting to know Carla and Rhonda - Watch the Video Below

The Transformative Experience

Everything Under the Sun

For Women Who Do Too Much

This is an invitation to keep COMING

(Not to keep Going!)

It is an invitation to Come here. 

Come into more.

Come into a space that helps clear the road ahead

So to see what life has to show you –

A day to begin reclaiming your own life and the self you once knew by heart

and have been a little lonely for.

A chance to really notice whether life is living you

Or you are living life!

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Mostly this is a time dedicated to you – to placing your fingers on the pulse of your own life, checking your own vital signs, and recruiting your own inner intelligence and the collective wisdom of a small group of extraordinary women each for your own sake.  This is a time to place yourself at the center of your own attention and become your own best friend in service to your wellbeing, happiness, loving and further contribution to the greater good.  Our everyday world will go on for a day as we come together to learn and grow, stir one another’s imaginations and possibilities, form friendships that last beyond these few days, and lift to a more unfettered altitude from which to continue to live and learn.

There is nothing here that you have to do!  Just show up with an open heart and an open mind and a willingness to lay your old ways at the door for a a day and see what ideas just might show up to sweep you off your feet.

This is a space of true connection, of creating ties that bind over time

Of harnessing the power and energy in a gathering of women

That will change us, each in our own way.

We can’t wait to walk this adventure with you!!

In Collaboration With

We are excited to host this event in collaboration with Janine Edwards and

Visit to learn more.

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Our Location

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Rhonda - Anguilla 2024

The EUTS Experience
June 14, 2024

The Day: 9 AM – 4 PM

This experience is for you if something is stirring beneath the surface.. calling to you to explore a renewed way of being in your life.

Arrival and Welcome 

  • Breakfast
  • Networking

Morning Sessions

  • Harmony in Motion: Crafting Balance in a Busy World
  • Dawn of Boldness: Unveiling Your True Priorities


Afternoon Sessions

  • Bridging Selves: From Present to Potential (Conquering Fears)
  • Reflections of Power: Speaking Your Truth

Closing Ceremony

  • New Beginnings

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Event fee: US$100 covers meals and in-session services.

(Hosts’ facilitation, time, and venue location are being donated free of charge for this charitable community building activity)

Please contact Janine Edwards for tickets at

Carla Rotering and Rhonda Williams Anguilla

“It Is Not Your Job To Be Everything To Everyone”  – Courtney Carver

About Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN

Rhonda Y. Williams is a published author, international speaker, and executive coach. Her path from career and personal “devastation-to-emancipation” and matchless commitment to transformational leadership is an inspiring model of invincible optimism and resilience. Rhonda has invested years rigorously researching, testing, and honing her next-level programs and strategic solutions.

Rhonda’s compassionate, results-focused expertise provides a powerful ascension blueprint for today’s leaders and executives. Her empathy and razor-sharp clarity helps construct a path “above the grind” and offers a success-alternative to the overwhelm and self-sabotage plaguing modern leaders.

Through her proprietary Above the Grind Leadership (ATG) solutions-suite, Rhonda enables organizations to create Modern Magnetic Cultures™, broadening and deepening the understanding of executive behavioral constructs, personal-organizational-team performance and fulfillment, and practical self-mastery for modern professionals.

About Carla Rotering, MD, M.A.

Dr. Carla Rotering is an award winning HealthCare Hero Lifetime Achievement Pulmonary & Critical Care physician and a nationally recognized leader, speaker, author, consultant, facilitator, mentor and coach. She is also an enthusiastic musician and poet of moderate talent! She enjoys a uniquely blended expertise in western medicine and psychospiritual health, healing and consciousness. She is deeply committed to people –t o their growth, upliftment, resilience and purpose as they realize their personal and professional aspirations, experience fulfillment and cultivate their personal wellbeing.

Carla delivers her guidance and expertise through experiential and introspective process with full-hearted enthusiasm, inspiration, depth, playfulness, caring, wisdom and humor. Her life journey has provided an ongoing curriculum of growth and learning opportunities, expanding her own evolving understanding of the complexities of simply being human. She has a deep appreciation for the evolution of human potential through inquiry, experimentation, lifelong learning and transformative experiences for individual connections and within powerful gatherings of people who are living with and on purpose!

Carla is the founder and executive at Boxcar International, Inc. devoted to the People of Medicine, Dr. Carla Rotering Coaching & Consulting for People Everywhere!, Co-founder of 4Docs4Docs devoted to Physician Wellbeing, Co-founder of Our Future Selves retreat series for healthcare professionals and Co-founder of Everything Under the Sun retreat series for Women Who Do Too Much.