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Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Are You Swimming in a Red Ocean of Endless Applicants?

Are you tired of blending into the sea of job seekers, struggling to stand out in a crowded job market? It’s time to make your mark and secure your dream job.

Introducing our transformative webinar series: “Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market and Land Your Dream Job.” In these power-packed sessions, we’ll equip you with the tools, strategies, and insider secrets to differentiate yourself and rise above the competition. Say goodbye to endless rejections or silence after submitting your resume and say hello to career success.

Why is the Red Ocean a Race to the Bottom for Landing Your Dream Job?

A “red ocean” refers to operating in a market space that is highly competitive and saturated. In a red ocean, job seekers have no choice but to fight for attention. 

In a red ocean, you find yourself struggling to stand out struggle to stand out. The result is fewer opportunities for lower pay.

Nothing is more frustrating as the market heats up and opportunities dwindle away. 

Ask yourself these two critical questions?

Why should an employer choose me out of the 100 applications they have received? 

Am I making the same mistakes so many other applicants are making?

While not an easy or exact answer, you are well served to work towards creating separation between you and the rest!

During this Webinar Masterclass Series

Webinar 1: Discovering Your Unique Value Proposition

Unleash your true potential by uncovering your strengths, skills, and passions. We’ll guide you in understanding your personal brand and how it aligns perfectly with your dream job. Craft a compelling value proposition that sets you apart and grabs the attention of employers.

Webinar 2: Mastering Personal Branding and Online Presence

Become a force to be reckoned with by defining and refining your personal brand. Build an authentic and consistent online presence that showcases your expertise. Discover the power of leveraging social media platforms for professional networking and uncovering exciting job opportunities. Showcase your expertise through content creation and engage in thriving online communities and industry groups. Utilize online portfolios and personal websites to create a compelling digital presence that sets you apart from the competition.

Webinar 3: Crafting an Outstanding Resume and Cover Letter

Make an unforgettable first impression with a targeted and impactful resume. We’ll teach you the strategies to highlight your relevant accomplishments and experiences, ensuring your resume stands out from the stack. Craft a captivating cover letter that demands attention and leaves employers eager to learn more about you.

Webinar 4: Nailing Your Job Interviews

Get ready to impress during job interviews. Learn how to prepare effectively, develop strong responses to common interview questions, and master the art of body language and non-verbal communication. Overcome interview anxiety and present your best self with confidence and poise.

Webinar 5: Developing Stellar Networking Skills

Unlock the power of professional relationships. Discover the secrets to building and nurturing connections that open doors to incredible opportunities. Leverage informational interviews to expand your network, and master networking strategies for both in-person and virtual settings. Craft a memorable elevator pitch that sparks interest and makes a lasting impression.



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Webinar 6: Creating a Personalized Job Search Strategy

Develop a targeted job search plan that aligns with your career goals. Harness the power of job boards, online platforms, and professional networks to uncover hidden job opportunities. Master effective follow-up and negotiation techniques to secure the job offer you’ve been dreaming of.

Bonus Webinar 7: The Emotional Intelligence Edge for Job Seekers

What you do during the interview and in your first 90 days can be the difference between a pit stop and a long-term career. In this session, we’ll discuss the essentials of executive presence and emotional intelligence for your long-term success.

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Masterclass Schedule:

Masterclass Webinar #1: July 27, 2023 –  11 AM Central US

Masterclass Webinar #2: August 3, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

Masterclass Webinar #3: August 10, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

Masterclass Webinar #4: August 17, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

Masterclass Webinar #5: August 24, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

Masterclass Webinar #6: August 31, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

Bonus: Masterclass Webinar #7: September 7, 2023 – 11 AM Central US

What Else Is Included in The Masterclass Series?

This is a game-changing series. Not only will we provide the critical secrets to landing your dream job, but we will also help position yourself for advancement from the minute you start.

This Transformational Webinar Masterclass Series includes:

  1. 6 Weekly Mastery Webinars

  2. The Emotional Intelligence Edge for Job Seekers – BONUS Webinar 

  3. (3) Bi-Weekly Group Q&A Coaching Sessions

  4.  Power Plan™ Worksheets for each class

  5. You’ll receive our Emotional Intelligence Guide for Leaders: UNLOCKED & UNSTOPPABLE

  6. To expedite job-landing, you’ll receive one of our most popular Platinum Asset videos: Costly Mistakes Today’s Job Seekers Make

Elite Bonus for 1st 30 Registrants Only:

  1. 16% Discount
  2. A Deep-Dive, 30-minute personal coaching session
  3. A choice of 1) a CV/resume scrutiny and recommendations OR our “Nail It!” interview prep & practice session

Use promo code LandIt23 (The code will be disabled when the Elite bonus offer expires).

In the Digital Age Your Network is Your Net Worth When Upleveling Your Career

Discover the winning formula to set yourself apart in a sea of resumes and cover letters. Our expert presenters will guide you through crafting a compelling personal brand and value proposition that captures the attention of employers. Learn how to highlight your unique strengths, skills, and passions that make you an irresistible candidate. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter applications and hello to standing out for all the right reasons.

Master the art of networking and make connections that open doors to your dream job. Our webinar dives deep into building and nurturing professional relationships, both online and offline. You’ll unlock the secrets to leveraging informational interviews, networking events, and industry associations to expand your network and uncover hidden job opportunities. Prepare to make lasting impressions and secure referrals that can accelerate your career growth.

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Rhonda Y. Williams 5

Your Facilitator and Coach

Rhonda Y. Williams

Rhonda Y. Williams is a published author, international speaker, and executive coach. Her path from career and personal “devastation-to-emancipation” and matchless commitment to transformational leadership is an inspiring model of invincible optimism and resilience.

Rhonda has invested years rigorously researching, testing, and honing her next-level programs and strategic solutions.

Rhonda’s compassionate, results-focused expertise provides a powerful ascension blueprint for today’s leaders and executives. Her empathy and razor-sharp clarity helps construct a path “above the grind” and offers a success-alternative to the overwhelm and self-sabotage plaguing modern leaders.

Through her proprietary Above the Grind Leadership (ATG) solutions-suite, Rhonda enables organizations to create Modern Magnetic Cultures™, broadening and deepening the understanding of executive behavioral constructs, personal-organizational team performance and fulfillment, and practical self-mastery for modern professionals.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell