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A behavioral assessment is a tool that’s designed to observe and understand a person’s behavior.

These assessments help provide insight into many different facets of a leader, including how they may think and respond in certain situations. Increased awareness is an essential component of high emotional intelligence leadership.

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Leaders

Emotional intelligence is often misunderstood and overcomplicated.

What is emotional intelligence?

Foundationally speaking, emotional intelligence is:

  • The ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions.
  • The ability to recognize, empathize and manage emotions in others.
  • The ability to use this information in a way that results in more positive outcomes.

Research shows that leaders with empathy perform over 40% higher in employee engagement, decision-making, and coaching. Catalyst surveyed more than 900 in the US and across industries. They found employees with highly empathic senior leaders report higher levels of creativity (61%) and engagement (76%) than those with less empathic senior leaders (13% and 32%, respectively).

How do your leaders measure up in emotional intelligence? What are their strengths and opportunities?

Our emotional intelligence assessment measures eighteen leadership competencies.

ADW Behavioral Profile

The ADW Profile is the only psychometric developed specifically for the A Deeper Way Model of Situational Identity. With the ADW Profile, you have unprecedented power to sharpen your insights, improve your predictions, and equip your clients for lasting effectiveness.

The ADW | Profile is a global measure of personality that measures 9 different families (40 scales) of an individual’s personality, including the Big 5, Self-Concept, Psychological Values, and Conflict Energies – all at one’s best, on a typical day, and under stress.

This one 20-minute assessment generates 7 different reports validated for use across multiple situations, including selection and onboarding, individual coaching and development, team development, working through conflict, and any number of people-focused circumstances.

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