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LEADJITSU Momentum Builder

LEADJITSU Leaders Lead Differently


We proudly introduce LEADJITSU – the answer to the call for a modern, elite leadership practice that resonates with the complexities of today’s world.

LEADJITSU isn’t just another leadership program. It’s a comprehensive system designed for those who aspire to master the art of leadership in an era that demands agility, empathy, and strategic foresight. This is for the visionaries, the changemakers, the leaders who recognize that true leadership is about more than just guiding others – it’s about inspiring, innovating, and leaving a lasting impact.





LEADJITSU for Teams - Phase 2


LEADJITSU Momentum Builder - For Team

Elevate Your Team's Performance with Momentum Builder

Momentum Builder is a 8-month intensive program designed to propel your team forward. This journey is focused on embedding LEADJITSU principles into the core of your team’s operations. Through monthly workshops, we dive deep into various aspects of the LEADJISU Leader’s Code, ensuring that each session brings practical, actionable insights. Coupled with ongoing team coaching, Momentum Builder guarantees continuous improvement in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. By the end of this program, your team will not only have built significant momentum but also be equipped with tools and strategies for sustained success and leadership excellence.

Momentum Builder is the second phase of the LEADJITSU Modular program.

Phase 2: Duration 8 Months

This phase includes:

  • Planning Sessions: Tailored sessions to strategize and align the program’s objectives with your team’s specific goals, ensuring a cohesive and targeted approach to leadership development.

  • Committee Formation: Establish a dedicated team to drive the LEADJITSU and leadership excellence, ensuring consistent focus and effective implementation across the organization.

  • Executive Team Meetings (3): These pivotal meetings are designed to solidify the executive team’s commitment, engagement, and guidance, forming a strong foundation for the program’s success.

  • LEADJITSU The Assessment: Leaders: A profound journey of self-discovery awaits as leaders delve into their styles, challenging and refining their approach to align with the disciplined and empathetic ethos of LEADJITSU and the comprehensive insights of A Deeper Way. This assessment is an opportunity to blend the wisdom of martial arts with modern leadership, fostering a balance of strength, sensitivity, and visionary thinking.

  • Monthly Leadership Workshops (Up to 5): Each workshop, lasting 90 to 120 minutes, is an immersive experience in different aspects of the LEADJITSU Leader’s Code. Practical exercises and team activities bring these principles to life, applying them to real-world scenarios and challenges faced by your team.

Who is this program for?

Momentum Builder is perfectly suited for teams who:

  • Have laid the groundwork for change and are ready to accelerate their growth.
  • Seek to deepen their understanding and application of Leadjitsu principles.
  • Desire to enhance their leadership impact through focused, practical learning.
  • Aim to align their executive team with the core ethos of Leadjitsu for sustained organizational success.
LEADJITSU Curious Leader

The Value of Momentum Builder

Momentum Builder is where theory meets practice, and insights transform into action. It’s where your team not only learns the principles of superb leadership but starts living them daily. This phase is crucial in cementing LEADJITSU’s principles within your team’s culture, ensuring a lasting impact that transcends beyond the program.

Forge Ahead with Momentum Builder Are you ready to harness the full potential of your team? Momentum Builder is your gateway to a higher plane of leadership excellence.

Contact us today and take a decisive step toward creating a legacy of superb leadership.


LEADJITSU - The System

Welcome to LEADJITSU – The System, a revolutionary approach to leadership that transcends traditional boundaries and sets a new benchmark for excellence. At the heart of this system lies an innovative blend of wisdom distilled from the ancient art of Jiu-Jitsu and modern leadership strategies, captured in our comprehensive book, “LEADJITSU: The Path to Superb Leadership.” But LEADJITSU is more than just a book; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to transform individuals and organizations. Our meticulously crafted assessments, dynamic training programs, and personalized executive coaching are all geared towards one goal – elevating leadership to an art form. Whether you’re in the fast-paced world of healthcare or navigating the complexities of corporate leadership, LEADJITSU offers you the tools, insights, and support to ascend to unparalleled heights of leadership excellence. Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation with LEADJITSU – The System.

The Book

The Training