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The UCR Advantage: A Simple Way to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, Fast!

A Practical Resource for Improving Emotional Intelligence in Life and Leadership.

Are you tired of obstacles hindering your success? Are you tired of spinning your wheels? 

Whether you are challenged with improving relationships at home or at work, struggling to make decisions, working to minimize conflicts, feeling stuck, or building self-confidence, there may be forces at play that you are unaware of. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has zero to do with your intellectual intelligence (IQ) and has everything to do with how you are able to use emotions to make decisions that improve your life. EQ is already at play in your life, whether you realize it or not. But, how do you improve it? The UCR Advantage is a simple method designed to help you develop a set of skills that when used effectively, can be life-changing. The UCR Advantage is a two dimensional framework that helps you manage situations in the moment to maximize effectiveness and improve outcomes in your life. Along with these improved outcomes, you experience a boost in confidence as you embrace leveraging your emotional power.

The UCR Advantage Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Fast
rhonda williams

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