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The Coffee with Rhonda Show

Are you ready to be a member of our Tribe?

The Coffee with Rhonda Show is excited to start our upcoming 9th season.
We have been honored to bring our listeners high-quality content that serves and inspires.
It’s time to take our game to the next level.
For that, we need your support!

Membership Tiers

Level 1

1. Join us for the new behind-the-scenes debrief following the show. What’s different? We are inviting members to join us!

  • React to the discussion in real-time!
  • Ask a question
  • Post in the chat
  • Access to replays for 14 days!

2. Each week, a member is entered into a drawing to join us onstage for the debrief.

3. Receive The What’s In Your Cup Newsletter. Our newsletter is a summary highlighting the top 3 takeaways from each show.

4.  Receive a Coffee with Rhonda Show mug after 6-months as a member! US residents – free shipping. International residents, pay shipping only!

5. Members only perks on and off-season!

How will members help the show?

  1. Our roadmap includes expanding our reach. We produce great content and believe we can serve leaders and entrepreneurs by increasing our reach with additional marketing.
  2. We aim to begin capturing post-production material for redistribution in various consumable forms.
  3. Emmy-worthy content… yup. You heard that right. We intend to continue producing Emmy-quality content to support you in becoming the best leader you can be!

Merchandise / Swag

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