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Rockin' Expert Guests

Our expert guests provide tons of value and insight during the show.

Here are a few we recommend following and taking a closer look at the genius they share with the world.

Episode 93

Expert Guest Dr. Dolores Fazzino Episode 93 The Coffee with Rhonda Show

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP is a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer, and an International Amazon Best Selling Author. With over 40 years-experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Fazzino believes healing is a multi-faceted process.

After witnessing the miraculous healing of her father’s physical condition as a young adult, Dr. Fazzino has dedicated her life to assist people to Heal In Ways They Never Thought Possible. Known as the “Energy Whisperer,” her gifts, customized programs and strategies assist her clients to move through life challenges, and reconnecting with their inner self with grace and ease, creating lasting health and true wellness.

She is the author of 5 books, two which are Amazon International Best Sellers. Her recent Amazon Best Seller, “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible Book” was released October 2022. Dr Dolores is the host of a weekly Video Podcast “ Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible” on Anchor.FM, YouTube, and other platforms. 

Learn more about Dolores’ work:

Watch Dolores’ episode below!

Episode 92

Nicholas Clay - Expert Guest on The Coffee with Rhonda Show - Epi 92

Nicholas C. Clay began studying mindfulness and its benefits in 2018. With its practice, he has gained a calm mind and inner peace from a mind that used to think obsessively.

He has healed hurtful triggers and released stored negative energy that used to cause uncomfortable lows. In October 2020, Nicholas acquired his first two coaching clients and began to test the tools and understanding of mindfulness he used to heal his mind with others. In the time since, his coaching practice has continued to grow, and the results with his clients have included the relief of anxiety, overthinking, and an increase in clear mental focus.

Nicholas’s goal is to continue growing his practice and skillset as he strives to work with high performers such as CEOs, Athletes, Musical Artists, and other individuals who strive to get the most out of their minds.

Learn more about Nicholas’ work:

Click the Image Below to watch Nicholas’ episode of The Coffee with Rhonda Show!

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