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Let's systematize your culture to maximize engagement, retention, and profitability.
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Our Commitment

As the Chief Vision Officer, CEO and founder of Leadership Above the GRIND, I am personally committed to supporting leaders and organizations around the globe. Our mission is to redefine – through employing the latest understanding of brain-plasticity and reiterative technologies – the ideal practice of leadership excellence as one which includes mastery over distress (the negative and destructive form of emotional stress), designed work-life flow and intentional well-being. Doing so empowers leaders to ascend above the noise and overwhelm to thrive “Above the Grind.”

– Rhonda Y. Williams

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Rhonda Y. Williams, CEO of Above the Grind Leadership Speaking on Emotional Intelligence

What We Do

In today’s fast-paced world, effective leadership is more important than ever. That’s why finding a company that offers modern leadership consulting, training, and coaching solutions is essential.

With our innovative programs, professionals in healthcare and non-healthcare industries can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at all levels of the leadership.

Whether you’re looking for leadership training, executive coaching, or on-demand learning, Above the Grind Leadership Training and Executive Coaching has everything you need to empower leaders and  transforming teams.

With our leadership expertise and cutting-edge curriculum, you’ll gain the tools you need to inspire results and lead your team to success. So why wait?

Contact us today to accelerate the leadership skills needed for today’s dynamic workforce.

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Meet the Founder

Rhonda Y. Williams MBA, MSN, RN is in high demand, and rightly so. Her remarkable victory story and path from career and personal “devastation-to-emancipation,” marked by her unrivaled commitment to creating transformational leaders, offer a powerfully authentic and inspiring model of pertinacity and endurance, a blueprint for constructing self-trust – a process of creating and growing self-mastery for the modern professional.

Following her career as a Chief Nursing Officer and Hospital CEO, Rhonda has invested over a decade in researching, engineering, and honing her singular curricula, next-level philosophies, tools, and solutions to aid leaders plagued by the “GRIND,” i.e., the tortuous “mean-average consciousness” of self-invented overwhelm and learned helplessness. Her work has led her to start Above the GRIND Leadership Mentoring and Coaching Academy which consists of action-based philosophy formalized into a repeatable, highly structured system.

Our Programs

We’re here to help you find what works best for you and your team through our tailored methods.

Our strategic consulting for leadership development and cultural transformation offers a wealth of benefits to your organization. It provides an external perspective that can identify blind spots and opportunities that may not be immediately visible to those immersed in the daily operations. This fresh perspective can lead to breakthrough insights that drive lasting meaningful change. 

Our leadership training builds on extraordinary, timely, and highly applicable resources from experts across a spectrum of disciplines and industries to raise awareness and create the spark that becomes the foundation for ongoing leadership development and skill-building.

Our leadership coaching and self-paced virtual mentoring allows you to explore opportunities through our suite of modern, accessible coaching solutions. In addition to individual leader coaching sessions, we also provide group coaching and team coaching.

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Why Work With Us?

Transformative leadership isn’t just about guiding a team—it’s about fostering an ecosystem where innovation, efficiency, and profitability intertwine seamlessly. We specialize in systematizing leadership cultures, ensuring that every layer of your organization sings from the same harmonious sheet.

When leadership is consistent, purpose-driven, and agile, the ripple effect is felt on the bottom line.

Don’t leave your profits to chance; let’s co-create a leadership blueprint that not only elevates your cultural ethos but also amplifies your profit potential. 

Prepare to soar to new heights!

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