About Carla Rotering, MD, M.A.

Dr. Carla Rotering is an award winning HealthCare Hero Lifetime Achievement Pulmonary & Critical Care physician and a nationally recognized leader, speaker, author, consultant, facilitator, mentor and coach. She is also an enthusiastic musician and poet of moderate talent! She enjoys a uniquely blended expertise in western medicine and psychospiritual health, healing and consciousness. She is deeply committed to people –t o their growth, upliftment, resilience and purpose as they realize their personal and professional aspirations, experience fulfillment and cultivate their personal wellbeing.

Carla delivers her guidance and expertise through experiential and introspective process with full-hearted enthusiasm, inspiration, depth, playfulness, caring, wisdom and humor. Her life journey has provided an ongoing curriculum of growth and learning opportunities, expanding her own evolving understanding of the complexities of simply being human. She has a deep appreciation for the evolution of human potential through inquiry, experimentation, lifelong learning and transformative experiences for individual connections and within powerful gatherings of people who are living with and on purpose!

Carla is the founder and executive at Boxcar International, Inc. devoted to the People of Medicine, Dr. Carla Rotering Coaching & Consulting for People Everywhere!, Co-founder of 4Docs4Docs devoted to Physician Wellbeing, Co-founder of Our Future Selves retreat series for healthcare professionals and Co-founder of Everything Under the Sun retreat series for Women Who Do Too Much.